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ON THE WALL | The Desk, David Hockney, 1984

The Desk, David Hockney, 1984

Between the years of 1982 and 1987, David Hockney experimented heavily with photocollage, creating works he calls joiners. A joiner consists of a series of photographs taken from different viewpoints, arranged (overlapping) to form a single piece. By taking the pictures from carefully selected viewpoints, and arranging them in the right way, Hockney is able to change the apparent shape of space and introduce the element of time into the work.

Mounted, signed, titled, dated, and editioned #15 (of 20) in ink on the mount. Framed with label on the reverse; 39 1/2 X 43 1/2 inches (100.3 X 110.5cm).

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