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RARE & VINTAGE | Necklaces
A Retro Gold Tassel Necklace, by Marchak, circa 1940
A Colored Diamond and Gold 'Elephant' Necklace, by Rene Boivin, circa 1960
An Edwardian Natural Pearl and Diamond Pendant Necklace, circa 1905
A Wood and Gold Long Chain Necklace, by Bulgari, circa 1970
A Natural Burmese Jade Bead Single Strand Necklace
A Late 19th Century Coral Diamond and Enamel Locket Pendant
An Egyptian Revival Multi-gem and Gold Necklace, circa 1900
An Antique Diamond Riviere Necklace, circa late 19th Century
An Ancient Coin and Gold Sautoir Necklace, by Bulgari, circa 1985
An Art Deco Diamond Necklace, by Bulgari, circa 1935
A Multi-gem and Diamond Pendant Sautoir Necklace, by Bulgari, circa 1970
A Natural Pearl and Diamond Cross Pendant, circa 1920
A Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Diamond Bead Necklace, circa 1960 
An 18k Gold Fringe Necklace, by Bulgari
An 18k Gold Barrel Link Necklace
A Gold, Onyx and Cultured Pearl Long Chain Necklace, by Bulgari, circa 1970
A Gold Pendant Necklace, suspending lockets in the forms of shells and nuts, circa 1970
An Antique Pearl, Turquoise and Gold Horseshoe Locket
A Natural Pearl Necklace
An Antique Aquamarine and Gold Riviere Necklace
An Antique Diamond, Silver and Gold Necklace, circa 1800
A Victorian Enamel, Seed Pearl and Diamond Tassel Necklace, circa 1890
An Antique Carved Citrine and Gold Suite, 19th Century
A Suite of Rhodochrosite and Gold Jewelry, by Bulgari
An Art Deco Natural Pearl and Diamond Sautoir, by Raymond Yard, circa 1920
An Enamel, Diamond and Gold Snake Necklace / Belt, by Bulgari, circa 1965
A Natural Pearl and Diamond Necklace, by Boivin, circa 1910
A Suite of Berlin Iron Works Jewelry, comprising Necklace and Ear Pendants, 19th Century
An Antique Multi-colored Sapphire and Diamond Necklace, 19th Century
An Antique Gold and Enamel Pendant Necklace, 19th Century
An Edwardian Seed Pearl and Platinum Long Chain, circa 1900
An Edwardian Emerald, Ruby and Natural Pearl Long Chain, circa 1910
A Diamond and Platinum Necklace, by Boucheron, circa 1950
A Retro Gold Necklace, circa 1940
An Antique Diamond Necklace, circa 1870
An Antique Emerald, Enamel and Gold Necklace, by Marcus & Co., circa 1900
A Gold and Hardstone Faience Pendant Necklace
An Art Deco Onyx, Coral and Diamond Pendant, by Rene Boivin
A Three Strand Multi-colored Natural Pearl Necklace
A Belle Epoque Natural Pearl and Diamond Choker Necklace, circa 1905
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