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RARE & VINTAGE | Cufflinks
A Pair of Bi-colored Gold and Emerald 'Tubogas' Cufflinks, by Bulgari, circa 1990
A Pair of Gold 'Oil Rig' Cuffinks
An Early 20th Century Enamel and Gold 'Deck of Cards' Dress Set
A Pair of Early 20th Century Gold and Ruby 'Devil' Cufflinks
An Antique Pair of Hardstone and Diamond Scarab Cufflinks, circa 1900
A Pair of Silver Insect Cufflinks, by Francois-Xavier Lalanne
A Pair of Gold and Diamond Skull and Cross bone Cufflinks
A Pair of Enamel, Diamond and Gold Cufflinks
A Pair of Sapphire and Gold Owl Cufflinks
A Pair of Antique Gold and Gold Enamel 'Stars' Cufflinks, circa 1900
An Art Deco Platinum, Enamel and Diamond Dress-set, circa 1920
An Art Deco Rock Crystal, Onyx and Diamond Dress-set, circa 1920
A Group of Art Deco Cufflinks, circa 1930
A Pair of Ancient Coin and Gold Cufflinks, by Bulgari
A Pair of Rock Crystal and Diamond Cufflinks, by Cartier, circa 1910
A Pair of Jade and Gold Cufflinks
A Natural Pearl, Diamond and Platinum Dress-set, by Boucheron, circa 1920
A Pair of ‘A’ and ‘W’ Gold Cufflinks, by Paul Flato, circa 1938
A Pair of Enamel and Gold Cufflinks, by Gucci, circa 1970
A Pair of Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Cufflinks
An Antique Cabochon Amethyst and Diamond Dress Set, 19th Century
A Pair of Carved Onyx, Ruby and Gold Cufflinks, by Tiffany & Co.
An Onyx, Diamond and Gold Dress-set
An Onyx, Diamond and Brushed Gold Dress-set
A Pair of Sapphire and Platinum Cufflinks, by Cartier
A Diamond and Platinum Dress Set
A Pair of Emerald, Enamel and Diamond Cufflinks, by Charles Holl, circa 1920
A set of Gold and Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks, by Cartier, circa 1930
A Pair of Wood and Gold Cufflinks
A Pair of Emerald, Enamel and Gold Tiger Cufflinks, by David Webb
A Pair of Silver Bulldog Cufflinks
A Pair Emerald and Gold Snake Cufflinks, by Aldo Cipullo
A Group of Cufflinks
A Pair of Enamel Panda Cufflinks, by David Webb
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