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RARE & VINTAGE | Brooches
A Diamond Starfish Brooch by Paul Flato, circa 1938
A Multi-colored Diamond Fish Brooch, by Rene Boivin
A Multi-gem and Diamond Clown Shoe Brooch, by Paul Flato, circa 1940
An Art Deco Natural Pearl and Diamond Pin
A Pair of Emerald, Ruby, Cultured Pearl and Diamond ‘Carre’ Brooches, by Bulgari
A Diamond and Platinum Brooch, by John Rubel
A Multi-gem and Diamond ‘Carre’ Brooch, by Bulgari
An Enamel and Diamond Poodle Brooch, by Verdura
An Antique Diamond, Ruby and Gold Dragon Brooch, circa 1850
A Bronze Puzzle Sculpture Pendant, by Miguel Berrocal, circa 1970
A Pair of Retro Ruby and Gold Brooches, by Paul Flato, circa 1940
An Emerald, Enamel and Gold Leopard Brooch, by David Webb
An Opal, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond 'Mouse' Brooch, by Verdura, circa 1972
A French Art Deco Ruby and Diamond ‘Stomacher’ Brooch, circa 1930
An Enamel, Multi-Gem and Gold 'Walrus' Brooch, by Donald Claflin for Tiffany & Co.
A Multi-Gem and Ivory 'Chessman' Brooch, by Verdura, circa 1940
A Multi-Gem, Enamel and Gold 'Chicken Little' Brooch, by Donald Claflin for Tiffany & Co.
A Pair of Ruby, Diamond and Gold 'Boots' Clips, by Flato
An Amethyst 'Grapes' Brooch, by Suzanne Belperron
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