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Enamel and Gold Mourning Ring Commemorating the Passing of Princess Charlotte of England


Centering on an enameled grand ducal crown, surrounded by an ouroboros, to the enamel and gold band spelling out Princess Charlotte Augustus, the inside of the ring hand engraved born 7 Jan 1796, died 6 Nov 1817, circa 1817

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Not many people remember Princess Charlotte of Wales, but her premature death drastically affected the British line of succession. Charlotte was the only child of George, Prince of Wales (the future King George IV). Had Charlotte lived, she would have succeeded her father as Queen, but on November 6th, 1817, a great tragedy struck the British Royal Family. 21 year old Princess Charlotte died after delivery of a stillborn son. Charlotte was mourned by the British people in a manner similar to the mourning of Diana, Princess of Wales. At the time of her death, Charlotte, who was second in line to the throne, was the only legitimate grandchild of King George III, despite the fact that eleven of his 15 children were still living. Her death left no legitimate heir in the second generation, and prompted the aging sons of King George III to begin a frantic search for brides to provide for the succession. Within a short time, three newly wed Duchesses became pregnant, though only child survived infancy, Victoria, who stood fifth in line to the throne after her uncle George, Frederick and William, and her father. She would ascend the throne at age 18 in 1837 and rule as Queen Victoria for 64 years, and is the great great grandmother of the current English monarch, Elizabeth II

US ring size 7 1/4

Gross Weight:
5 grams


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