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An Antique Multi-gem and Rock Crystal Butterfly Locket Pendant
An Antique Gold and Turquoise Locket Pendant
A Pair of Antique Amethyst and Gold Ear Pendants
A Pair of Retro Gold and Diamond Flower Ear Clips, circa 1945
A Pair of Marquise, Baguette and Square-cut Diamond Ear Clips
A Pair of Early 20th Century Diamond Leaf Ear Clips
A Pair of Old Pear-shaped Diamond Stud Earrings, weighing 1.78 and 1.81 carats
A Pair of Pear-shaped Diamond Stud Earrings
An Antique Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Twin Stone Ring
An Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Twin Stone Ring, circa 1920
An Early 20th Century Ruby and Diamond Plaque Ring
An Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Bombe Ring, circa 1930
An Antique Old Mine Diamond Cluster Ring, set in Silver and Gold
A Natural Pearl and Diamond Ring, set as a band of three multi-colored natural pearls, early 20th Century
An Art Deco French-cut Diamond Ring, set within a border of calibre-cut Rubies, circa 1920
An Edwardian Old European-cut Diamond Cluster Ring
A Cabochon Garnet and Rose-cut Diamond Ring
An Edwardian Diamond Plaque Ring, circa 1910
An Art Deco Old European and Baguette-cut Diamond Bombe Ring, circa 1925
An Antique Rose-cut Diamond and Enamel Plaque Ring, late 19th Century
An Early 20th Century Cabochon Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring
A Vari-cut Sapphire and Diamond Band Ring
An Edwardian Pearl and Diamond Navette Ring, circa 1905
A Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond ‘Trombino’ Ring, circa 1960
A Georgian Ruby and Diamond Ring, early 19th Century
An Art Deco Amethyst, Enamel and Diamond Ring, circa 1920
An Old European-cut Diamond Cluster Ring
A Marquise-cut Diamond Ring, weighing 4.60 carats
An Antique Moonstone, Sapphire and Diamond Cuff Bracelet, circa 1880
A Turquoise and Diamond Butterfly Brooch, by Boivin, circa 1937
A Hematite and Gold Pyramidal Bracelet, circa 1940
A Pair of Emerald Bead and Diamond Rings
An Antique Diamond Ring
An Antique Enamel and Diamond Heart Pendant, circa 1900
A Natural Pearl and Diamond Cross Pendant, circa 1920
A Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Diamond Bead Necklace, circa 1960
A Belier Pendant Necklace
An Ancient Coin and Gold Necklace, by Bulgari
An Antique Ruby and Diamond Fowl Brooch, circa 19th Century
A Pair of Silver Insect Cufflinks, by Francois-Xavier Lalanne
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