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A Pair of Limited Edition Multi-gem and Enamel Cuffs, by Verdura
A Pair of Art Deco Natural Pearl and Diamond Ear Pendants
A Pair of Enamel and Diamond Ear Clips, by Herz-Belperron
A Pair of Ruby, Diamond and Gold ‘Boots’ Clips, by Flato
A Suite of Burmese Ruby and Diamond Jewelry. Rubies weighing approximately 151.99 carats
A Coral, Emerald and Gold Ring, by David Webb, circa 1967
A Gold Horse Bracelet, by Hermes, circa 1960
A Pair of Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Ear Clips, by Harry Winston
A Pair of Art Deco Diamond Ear Pendants
A Suite of Colombian Emerald and Diamond Jewelry. Emeralds weighing approximately 300.00 carats
An Amethyst and Emerald Ring, by Chanel, circa 1930
A Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring, weighing approximately 16.00 carats
A Pair of Diamond and Gold ‘Alveare’ Cuff Bracelets, by Bulgari, circa 1988
A Paraiba Tourmaline, Turquoise and Diamond Ring, by Chopard
An Art Deco Burmese Ruby and Diamond Bracelet, circa 1930
A Gold, Multi-gem and Diamond Bracelet, by Lucien Goubet, circa 1935
A Pair of Coral and Gold Ear Pendants
A Pair of Diamond and Platinum Flower Ear Clips, by Marianne Ostier
An Amethyst ‘Grapes’ Brooch, by Suzanne Belperron
A Pair of Enamel Panda Cufflinks, by David Webb
A Belle Epoque Natural Pearl and Diamond Choker Necklace, circa 1905
A Chalcedony, Citrine and Gold Sautoir, by Bulgari
An Ebony and Gold Ring, by Catherine Noll
A Pair of Emerald and Diamond Rings, by Suzanne Belperron
An Antique, Multi-Gem Enamel and Diamond Bracelet
Cabochon Emerald and Diamond Ring
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