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RARE & VINTAGE | Necklaces
A Gold and Coin Necklace Sautoir, by Bulgari, circa 1980
An Edwardian Emerald, Ruby and Natural Pearl Long Chain, circa 1910
A Diamond and Platinum Necklace, by Boucheron, circa 1950
A Retro Gold Necklace, circa 1940
An Edwardian Diamond and Seed Pearl Pendant Necklace, circa 1910
A Gold ‘I love you’ Pendant, by Aldo Cipullo
A Gold and Diamond ‘Love’ Pendant, by Aldo Cipullo
A Pair of Antique Amethyst and Diamond Long Chain Necklaces
An Antique Diamond Necklace, circa 1870
A Coral and Emerald Torsade Necklace, by Boivin, circa 1950
An Antique Bi-colored Gold and Diamond Locket Pendant, circa 1900
An Antique Gold and Diamond ‘Salve’ Locket Pendant, circa 1900
A Tri-colored Gold Collar Necklace
An Antique Carved Ivory Elephant Necklace, circa 1900
A Gold and Enamel ‘Lover’s Eye’ Pendant, circa 1830
A Jade and Diamond ‘Hand of Buddha’ Pendant
A Steel and Gold Long Chain Necklace, by Bulgari, circa 1985
A Diamond and Platinum Necklace, by Suzanne Belperron
An Antique Multi-gem and Gold Snake Necklace
A Single Strand of Lavender Jade Beads
A Gold Pendant by Arman, circa 1960
An Antique Emerald, Enamel and Gold Necklace, by Marcus & Co., circa 1900
An Ivory and Gold Link Necklace
A Gold and Ancient Coin Necklace, by Bulgari
A Gold and Hardstone Faience Pendant Necklace
An Ancient Coin and Gold Long Chain, by Bulgari
An Art Deco Onyx, Coral and Diamond Pendant, by Rene Boivin
A Natural Jade and Diamond Bead Necklace
A Three Strand Multi-colored Natural Pearl Necklace
An Emerald and Sapphire ‘Y’ Necklace, by Verdura
A Gold Knot Necklace, by Ilias Lalaounis
An Art Deco Coral, Onyx and Diamond Sautoir
A Multi-gem, Enamel and Diamond Charm Necklace
A Gold Collar Necklace, by Hermes
An Enamel and Gold Pendant, by Jean Cocteau
A Bronze Pendant, by Salvador Dali
A Group of Gold and Diamond Nail Necklaces, by Aldo Cipullo
A Multi-gem and Gold Elephant Pendant, by Boivin, circa 1940
A Group of Multi-gem and Diamond ‘Hamsa Hand’ Pendants, by Aldo Cipullo
An Antique Diamond and Silver-topped Gold Necklace, circa 1870
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