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CARTIER | Objets
An Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Lighter, by Cartier, circa 1920
A Gold Pencil Pendant, by Cartier, circa 1950
A Gold Clock Pencil, by Cartier, circa 1950
An Art Deco Jade, Enamel, Diamond and Agate Snuff Case, by Cartier, circa 1920
An Art Deco Multi-gem and Diamond Comb, by Cartier, circa 1925
An Art Deco Silver and Porcelain Ashtray Set, by Cartier, circa 1930
A Gold and Lacquered Vanity Case, by Cartier
A French Silver-Gilt and Rock Crystal Bust of Hadrian, by Cartier, circa 1991
An Art Deco Agate, Lapis Lazuli and Diamond Vanity Case, by Cartier
A Set of Art Deco Agate and Jadeite Ashtrays, by Cartier
A Belle Epoque Carved Labradorite Owl Objet, by Cartier
A Multi-gem, Gold, Silver, and Wood ‘Christmas box’, by Cartier
An Art Deco Rock Crystal, Quartz and Onyx Elephant Clock, by Cartier, circa 1920
Art Deco Mutli-Gem and Enamel Scent Bottle, by Cartier
An Art Deco Onyx and Diamond Belt Buckle, by Cartier
An Art Deco Leather and Gold Minute Repeater Clock, by Cartier
A Rock Crystal and Multi-Gem ‘Mystery Clock’, circa 1980, by Cartier
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