A Colored Diamond And Emerald Ring, By Wallace Chan
A Pair Of Multi-colored Spinel And Single-cut Diamond Ear Clips, By JAR
A Pair Of Emerald And Diamond Ear Pendants, By Bhagat
A Tourmaline And Venetian Bead Sautoir, By Taffin
A Pair Of Cabochon Star Sapphire Cufflinks, By Hemmerle
A Brush Gold Harmony Bangle, By Hemmerle
A Rose-Cut Ruby Ring By Hemmerle
A Pair Of Yellow Diamond Ear Clips By Bhagat
A Mother-of-Pearl And Argonite Bead Necklace By Taffin
A Group Of Multi-gem And Diamond Cufflinks, By Bhagat
A Cushion And Oval-cut Diamond And Natural Pearl Bracelet, By Bhagat
A Pair Of Colored Diamond Ear Pendants By Hemmerle
A Rectangular-Cut Diamond And Iron Ring By Hemmerle