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CARTIER | Objets
A Gold Pencil Pendant, by Cartier, circa 1950
A Gold Clock Pencil, by Cartier, circa 1950
An Art Deco Jade, Enamel, Diamond and Agate Snuff Case, by Cartier, circa 1920
An Art Deco Silver and Porcelain Ashtray Set, by Cartier, circa 1930
A Gold and Lacquered Vanity Case, by Cartier
A French Silver-Gilt and Rock Crystal Bust of Hadrian, by Cartier, circa 1991
An Art Deco Agate, Lapis Lazuli and Diamond Vanity Case, by Cartier
A Set of Art Deco Agate and Jadeite Ashtrays, by Cartier
A Belle Epoque Carved Labradorite Owl Objet, by Cartier
A Multi-gem, Gold, Silver, and Wood ‘Christmas box’, by Cartier
An Art Deco Rock Crystal, Quartz and Onyx Elephant Clock, by Cartier, circa 1920
Art Deco Mutli-Gem and Enamel Scent Bottle, by Cartier
A Rock Crystal and Multi-Gem 'Mystery Clock', circa 1980, by Cartier
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