RARE & VINTAGE | Bracelets
An Antique Hardstone Mosaic And Gold Insect Bracelet
A Pair Of Gold And Elephant Hair Cuffs With The Ethiopian Royal Crest, Circa 1965
An Enamel And Multi-gem Elephant Bracelet, By David Webb
A Gold And Diamond Nail Bracelet, By Aldo Cipullo, Circa 1970
A Multi-gem And Enamel Snake Bracelet, By David Webb
A Retro Sapphire And Ruby Bracelet Watch, By John Rubel
An Emerald And Diamond Cuff, By Suzanne Belperron, Circa 1965
A Pair Of Sapphire And Diamond Bracelets, By Seaman Schepps
A Retro Citrine, Ruby And Gold Bracelet, Circa 1940
An Onyx And Gold Cuff, By Angela Cummings, Circa 1985
A French Coral And Gold ‘X’ Bracelet
An Aquamarine And Emerald Bracelet, By Ruser
A Bi-colored Gold Bracelet, By Sterle, Circa 1950
An Emerald And Diamond Chimera Cuff Bracelet, By David Webb, Circa 1957
A Tiger’s Eye And Gold ‘LOVE’ Bracelet
A Retro Sapphire And Gold Bracelet, By Boivin, Circa 1940
A Retro Citrine And Gold Watch Bracelet, By Vacheron Constantin, Circa 1940
A Pair Of Diamond Bracelets, By Harry Winston
A Multi-gem And Gold Maltese Cross Cuff, By Verdura
A Multi-gem, Gold And Wood Maltese Cross Cuff, By Verdura
A Yellow And Pink Sapphire Bracelet, By Jean Schlumberger, Tiffany & Co.
A Sapphire And Diamond Cuff Bracelet, By Suzanne Belperron
A Pair Of Limited Edition Multi-gem And Enamel Cuffs, By Verdura
A Gold Horse Bracelet, By Hermes, Circa 1960
A Pair Of Diamond And Gold ‘Alveare’ Cuff Bracelets, By Bulgari, Circa 1988
An Art Deco Burmese Ruby And Diamond Bracelet, Circa 1930
A Gold, Multi-gem And Diamond Bracelet, By Lucien Goubet, Circa 1935
An Antique, Multi-Gem Enamel And Diamond Bracelet